Farmhouse Decor Inspiration : First Avenue

Shopping!!! I’m a big fan of it, and discovering stores that sell fabulous french-inspired / modern farmhouse / hamptons decor just makes me dance in circles. I think there are actually two First Avenue stores in Kalamunda. I had always known about the smaller one in the local shopping centre. But the big sister store is huge and wonderful. I could tick quite a few things off my list in there, and look forward to that day!!

I love the idea of one of these arch mirrors on the fireplace mantel.

I also found these darker, kind of wrought-iron look mirrors. Decisions, decisions. I’ll have a better idea of the colour scheme once we’ve chosen a couch and pendant for over the dining table. I just know that an arch mirror is going on my mantel!!


First Avenue, 39 Railway Rd, Kalamunda WA

Explore WA : Shopping Lloyds of Margaret River

Another treasure trove for the home decorating enthusiast!!

Lloyds of Margaret River looks like just another sweet gift shop from the street, but venture inside and it is absolutely jam-packed with everything you could possibly want or need. We love it in there!!

The first room is full of camping goods, hampers, baskets, kitchenware, tableware, books, kids gifts and toys, cleaning products, and candles (just to name 10% of what you’d find in there). The next room has rugs, clothing, photo frames etc.

Walk outside to find outdoor furniture as well as shelves full of dinner sets and glassware.

Then walk into an huge reformed shed to find coastal / hamptons / farmhouse decor heaven. I just want to live in this room.


I wanted to snuggle into all of these cushions. I may have bought the one on top (next to the fluffy one on the left). And I’ll be back for that one with the crosses.



Farmhouse Inspiration : Visiting Ford House in Bridgetown

Ford House is one of our favourite places in Western Australia to visit. We absolutely love it here and have visited many times over the years. Our love started before we had kids, when we came to stay for a couple of nights in one of their couples retreat rooms. It was like staying in a huge bedroom, complete with kitchenette and spa (a must IMO).

The grounds were a little more rundown than they appear to be this visit – but we’ve never visited at this time of the year. We usually visit in June for my birthday, which might explain the bare look of the gardens. There are quite a few houses on the property that all serve different accommodation purposes for different sized families. The most exquisite of course is the main house/shop/barn. There are various little huts/houses that are full of everything a farmhouse could possibly want to look beautiful! In a nutshell! It was Easter time.


This time round we had the kids and Isla Skye was as goggly eyed as me. Logan, well he just wanted to touch everything so her spend most of the time wandering outside with dad.



Inside the barn is a table. We visited during the day so it was decorated beautifully with shop merchandise. But I remember when we stayed there, we all sat around that table for a home-cooked hot breakfast. It was magical.


There is a permanent display of the most incredible Christmas ornaments. I have collected bits and pieces over the years and they’re all still packed away. I can’t believe that I will finally be able to display them in our house – maybe even this year!!IMG_8031

I was so excited to show Isla Skye this cubby house. Some people might not even know that this hidden little shop exists out in the garden. It is a refurbished cubby house – like duck your head to get in / can’t fit more than 3 people inside kind of cubby house. I had to drag her out of there.


Once again, Ford House you have delighted us and provided us with more gorgeous goodies for our new future farmhouse.

Thanks and see you again soon!!


Farmhouse Inspiration : Freedom Furniture

That moment when you walk into Freedom Furniture and feel like you could just move right in!! They have merchandised a huge area of the store in an industrial farmhouse style. It’s a bit heavy on the industrial for me, but it’s still exciting to see the style in Australia. This is the corner that was set up. So dark and earthy. I’m not a fan of the artwork at all but I love the base tones of cream couch and light timber teamed with neutral cushions. The lighting is a style that is becoming very trendy!! Love them!


Also love this mirror idea!! Just the tan leather one alone would look amazing, but both together make a feature. Mirrors are always great for making spaces look bigger.

Check out this rug inspo basket!! Eeep! They’re all tiny rugs to show off the variety of options available through. How delicious are they!!


This beauty caught my eye:


I wanted to walk out with this couch! I love it!! I’m looking for something exactly like this for in front of the fireplace. A typical couch with a lounge part on one end. I love the colour, the texture, and the pin-tuck feature on the cushion!! Fave.

My design assistants:


I’m addicted to storage. I can’t wait to raid this section when the time comes!!!

I’ll even put a dent in this mini-storage section. Those white pots look so versatile.


So much inspiration and not enough room in our cottage to store anything… espesh that couch I want want want. I’ll be back…

Farmhouse Build Update 3 : Interior Decorating Decisions. Send help!

Pre-start is coming up so now the pressure is on to choose colours for exterior walls, roof, interior cabinets, doors, bench-tops, tiles etc. Let the procrastination begin!!

Just take a look at all of these curtain colour options… I love the idea of double-layer curtains with sheers resting behind heavy linen. The possibilities are endless!!

And I know that curtain colours are not relevant to pre-start, but as an excellent procrastinator I feel the need to have the whole house design/style worked out in my head. It’s possible too, that as an excellent shopper I just can’t help but stop and drool over everything that I have been dreaming about having for years.


Next stop? Solomon’s flooring for inspiration. My favourite are these vinyl planks by Decoria. Hard-wearing, scratch-proof, water-proof, durable and quiet! They are so much quieter to walk on than timber laminate. I’ve also heard many horror stories about timber laminate scratching and swelling. I’m keen to learn more about this vinyl flooring!!


We popped past many a tile place, and felt mostly discouraged by the prices. Isla Skye’s favourite place was this one because it had a water fountain… It was p r i c e y!!


We drooled over farmhouse lighting in Early Settler.


We tested out bath tubs at Caroma.


And finally we visited Subiaco Restoration to browse their fireplaces, mantels, and huge range of interior decor options. It is a treasure trove in there for builders/renovators looking to add a modern Hamptons / Farmhouse flair to their home. We will be back!!

Farmhouse Design Inspiration : Display Homes in WA

The hunt was on, and there is nothing more fun than dragging toddlers through display homes for hours/days/weeks. We were looking for an Hamptons / Farmhouse style. We didn’t want open plan, which made our job even harder.

This WA Country Builders Karri Creek Design was our first stop and we fell in love the farmhouse style. I loved the addition of the weatherboard, and the stone fireplace.

This Rural Building Co Marri View display home was also a beautiful design. Too open and lofty for us, but very representative of the Rural Building style. It was beautiful.

We also loved the look of these exteriors. Top left is WA Country Builders Lamont Design. Top right is Summit Homes Orchard Design. Bottom is Plunkett New Hampton Design.

The Plunkett New Hampton interior is a gorgeous mix of hamptons and industrial farmhouse. The base colour palette is typically simple, with pops of colour and wow-feature lighting.  The addition of the recessed ceilings to separate the living spaces looked brilliant – as did the fireplace. We loved everything about this home, except for the open plan. It looked beautiful but we didn’t find it would function perfectly for us.

E v e n t u a l l y we found our absolute favourite design in the Plunkett North Hampton Design. This house is everything we were looking for. The design is perfect. We’ve lived in a few rentals now and ‘road-tested’ a variety of living spaces. Open plan doesn’t work for us, so this concept of separated living spaces blew our mind. As you can see from the pictures – the kitchen, sitting/dining, and theatre surround the sunken alfresco area. Therefore all spaces can be opened up if we want, or they can function as separate rooms. Most important is that whatever is happening in the kitchen won’t directly impact/annoy the watching of tv in the theatre room, or chillaxing by the fire in the sitting room. And the options to eat inside or outside are both easily accessible.

Now I have to mention the kitchen. The heart of every home. This kitchen grabbed my heart. I know it’s just a design etc. But the subway tiles, the marble island, the settler/shaker profile (had no idea what it was at first), the layout, design, just WOW. The wine rack was also a very unique and stylish design element. And I can’t not mention the scullery / butlers pantry. What’s the difference again? Butlers pantry’s have a sink? Vice versa? Whatever… It’s brilliant! A place to hide the mess? Yes please!! Toppathalist!

The sitting room with huge bookcase AND fireplace?! You had me at bookcase! It did come with a warning though regarding the price tag… but IKEA might be able to hook me up!!?! And speaking of price tags (cough) fireplace (cough). What a whopper of an addition though? I mean, who wants a farmhouse without a place to warm your bones after feeding the pigs in the freezing cold?? Anyone? Didn’t think so!

So?! Design found, whoop! Love, happy, kids relieved… everyone relieved actually. Especially since we’d driven over 2 hours to this display home… twice already. We had to double-check that we loved it, of course. And there just wasn’t anything even close to similar in design or style. So we got the graph paper out and started working out how to transform this perfect design into the double home that we wanted.