Explore WA : Apple Picking in Pickering Brook Orchard


It’s the last day of apple picking at this Pickering Brook orchard / operation run by Valley Fresh Produce. We won’t leave it so late next year because the stink of rotten apples underneath (as pretty as it looks) was pretty off-putting. It was also difficult to reach the apples without stepping in the mess. I gave Isla a little boost.


Unfortunately Logie wasn’t feeling well so he just supervised.


We did well though, and it was fun for the short time that we were there. I would like to have wandered a bit longer to see the orchard layout and different apple trees. But Logie had had enough. And our box was full! No one was carrying that further than they had to…


Valley Fresh Produce, 50 Mccorkill Rd, Pickering Brook


Explore WA : Eagle Bay Olives (and Donkeys)

I can think of many reasons to visit Geographe Bay, and Eagle Bay Olives is one of our favourites. IMG_8259

The property itself is coastal-farm at its prettiest – but you cannot go past the entrance (literally) without being welcomed (literally) by their pet donkeys!! How fab is that?

Drive in and park. Pop into the Farm Shop and let your taste buds soak up all of the delicious (and best) olive oils, tapenades, dips, olives, and dukkahs. They sell combo gift packs, as well as a range of tableware for serving your yummy goodies.

But best of all is the picnic box!! Last time we visited, we couldn’t get into Eagle Bay Brewing for lunch so we grabbed one of the hampers from Eagle Bay Olives here. A selection of cold meats, cheese, tiny dips and the most delicious quince jelly I’ve ever had. Oh and Yallingup Bakery wood-fired bread!! Grab and drive round to one of the local beaches for a picnic!!


Don’t forget to ask for a bag of carrots to feed the donkeeeeeeeeeyzzzz! Race ya!



Eagle Bay Olives, 521 Cape Naturaliste Road, Eagle Bay.


Explore WA : Shopping Lloyds of Margaret River

Another treasure trove for the home decorating enthusiast!!

Lloyds of Margaret River looks like just another sweet gift shop from the street, but venture inside and it is absolutely jam-packed with everything you could possibly want or need. We love it in there!!

The first room is full of camping goods, hampers, baskets, kitchenware, tableware, books, kids gifts and toys, cleaning products, and candles (just to name 10% of what you’d find in there). The next room has rugs, clothing, photo frames etc.

Walk outside to find outdoor furniture as well as shelves full of dinner sets and glassware.

Then walk into an huge reformed shed to find coastal / hamptons / farmhouse decor heaven. I just want to live in this room.


I wanted to snuggle into all of these cushions. I may have bought the one on top (next to the fluffy one on the left). And I’ll be back for that one with the crosses.



Explore WA : Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co is a must visit for families, and well… anyone looking for seriously delicious food and drink. The surrounding area, being Geographe Bay, is easily one of the most stunning areas in all of Australia. The Brewery is a fantastic building, purpose-built for entertaining throughout the whole year. We were lucky enough to find a table outside on the grass (it was packed).


First order of business, a beer paddle!!


Next order of business, food! And it was DELICIOUS!! Pickled octopus, cheese board with pates / relishes / bread / YUM, a katsu chicken board with cheese and bacon dip (OMG). And of course, one of their famous wood-fired pizzas.



The kids had a roll on the grass. Just one of the activities for kids, lol. There were balls and all sorts for the kids to roll up and down the hill. And that sandpit!!

We explored the veggie garden. The design was really interesting with the raised beds and different frames for growing vines. The kids found a tiny pumpkin on the ground. There wasn’t much else to see but perhaps it wasn’t the right time of year. I’m yet to learn about growing veggies, so a bit clueless in that area.

Until next time xx Goodbye from me and my munchkins


Farmhouse Inspiration : Visiting Ford House in Bridgetown

Ford House is one of our favourite places in Western Australia to visit. We absolutely love it here and have visited many times over the years. Our love started before we had kids, when we came to stay for a couple of nights in one of their couples retreat rooms. It was like staying in a huge bedroom, complete with kitchenette and spa (a must IMO).

The grounds were a little more rundown than they appear to be this visit – but we’ve never visited at this time of the year. We usually visit in June for my birthday, which might explain the bare look of the gardens. There are quite a few houses on the property that all serve different accommodation purposes for different sized families. The most exquisite of course is the main house/shop/barn. There are various little huts/houses that are full of everything a farmhouse could possibly want to look beautiful! In a nutshell! It was Easter time.


This time round we had the kids and Isla Skye was as goggly eyed as me. Logan, well he just wanted to touch everything so her spend most of the time wandering outside with dad.



Inside the barn is a table. We visited during the day so it was decorated beautifully with shop merchandise. But I remember when we stayed there, we all sat around that table for a home-cooked hot breakfast. It was magical.


There is a permanent display of the most incredible Christmas ornaments. I have collected bits and pieces over the years and they’re all still packed away. I can’t believe that I will finally be able to display them in our house – maybe even this year!!IMG_8031

I was so excited to show Isla Skye this cubby house. Some people might not even know that this hidden little shop exists out in the garden. It is a refurbished cubby house – like duck your head to get in / can’t fit more than 3 people inside kind of cubby house. I had to drag her out of there.


Once again, Ford House you have delighted us and provided us with more gorgeous goodies for our new future farmhouse.

Thanks and see you again soon!!