Farmhouse Build Update 15 : Benji’s Visit

Isla Skye is in pre-primary and they have a class mascot – a teddy bear named Benji. She wanted to show Benji her new bedroom, and we took the opportunity to measure the window frames for curtains etc.


I’m going to hate not being able to potter around when we reach lock-up stage.

The timber posts are installed in our alfresco area. These will be painted white to match the render. How lovely do they look now though…


And the view from our kitchen through the alfresco area!! We are so excited about our sunken alfresco design, complete with huge skylights to let that much-needed natural light into the kitchen.


And I couldn’t resist snapping some photos around the estate, with the grass looking a little greener and the lawnmowers hard at work.



Farmhouse Build Update 13 : Porch Framework

Not a whole lot to report on this visit. Progress on the timber-work is a lot slower than we saw on the brickwork. The framework for the cladding to go onto, and the huge roof frame is a huge amount for only two men. But we were happy to see the beginnings of the porch framework today.

The porch will add the most character to the wide expanse of the house front. I opted for no verandahs on the house because I want as much light to filter into the rooms as possible. I’m a lover of natural sunlight. It just warms me up mentally as well as physically. So we oriented the house to run East-West. That way (although mum will receive direct morning light into her house), we won’t receive direct light. Just indirect light throughout the year.


Our front door!! We opted for aluminium frame as it was cheaper than timber. Again, I also wanted as much light flowing in as possible. And we’ve chosen to have cross-bars added to the glass to give that french door look.


Farmhouse Build Update 11 : Brickwork


What a sight to come home to!! The brickwork team is huge and we hear that they will be finished in the next day or two. Whoop!

That, up above, is the view of the front on the left / mums end of the house on the right. I can see the brick dado that will have cladding above it. Super excited to see how this feature pops.

Below is a view of the back of the house. Down on ground level, looking up at the house, it’s clear how high our house pad is! That corner of the house is three metres off the ground!!! One the plus side, I can see our fireplace / chimney stack brickwork on the back of the house. Great job guys.