Farmhouse Build Update 14 : My Birthday Party


Easily my favourite birthday! I got spoiled!! J and mum took me into the City for a bit of shopping. I finally snagged myself a Kitchenaid (Whoop!!) on sale (double whoop). I’ve been eyeing these off for y e a r s, and convinced hubby that storing it for 6 months would be a great idea / job done / money saver etc. etc.

And check out the colour!! Antique copper, I think that was the name. Found in David Jones. I’m so excited. I’m a bit of a baking enthusiast and have been plodding along with my cheap mixmaster for 10 years. What a gem. But now I get to play with this!! And get attachments (eep!) like an ice cream churner, and J is super-excited about the meat mincer attachment. Oh the magic this baby is going to make… gosh have I gotten side-tracked LOL.

So we picked up the kids after school, grabbed some cupcakes and candles, and flew straight out to the block for my first birthday party at our new house. Well sort of. We laid out a blanket in the kitchen!


The kids decorated the cupcakes with candles, sung me a song, blew out my candles and we at cupcakes in the kitchen. These memories will be treasured, looking back one day.

Snapped a photo of mum standing in front of her alfresco area.




Today was wonderful, but gosh I can’t wait for next year!!

Farmhouse Build Update 13 : Porch Framework

Not a whole lot to report on this visit. Progress on the timber-work is a lot slower than we saw on the brickwork. The framework for the cladding to go onto, and the huge roof frame is a huge amount for only two men. But we were happy to see the beginnings of the porch framework today.

The porch will add the most character to the wide expanse of the house front. I opted for no verandahs on the house because I want as much light to filter into the rooms as possible. I’m a lover of natural sunlight. It just warms me up mentally as well as physically. So we oriented the house to run East-West. That way (although mum will receive direct morning light into her house), we won’t receive direct light. Just indirect light throughout the year.


Our front door!! We opted for aluminium frame as it was cheaper than timber. Again, I also wanted as much light flowing in as possible. And we’ve chosen to have cross-bars added to the glass to give that french door look.


Farmhouse Decor Inspiration : First Avenue

Shopping!!! I’m a big fan of it, and discovering stores that sell fabulous french-inspired / modern farmhouse / hamptons decor just makes me dance in circles. I think there are actually two First Avenue stores in Kalamunda. I had always known about the smaller one in the local shopping centre. But the big sister store is huge and wonderful. I could tick quite a few things off my list in there, and look forward to that day!!

I love the idea of one of these arch mirrors on the fireplace mantel.

I also found these darker, kind of wrought-iron look mirrors. Decisions, decisions. I’ll have a better idea of the colour scheme once we’ve chosen a couch and pendant for over the dining table. I just know that an arch mirror is going on my mantel!!


First Avenue, 39 Railway Rd, Kalamunda WA

Farmhouse Inspiration : Grey Weatherboard

I could browse Pinterest for hours looking at grey weatherboard… and I have!!

Unfortunately I don’t know the original locations of a lot of these images. They are all over Pinterest and can be found in my Weatherboard album here.

These two have quite a coastal vibe, which I think comes from the white/surfmist roof.


And you can see from these images of houses (still grey weatherboard) with darker roofs, I think they have a more country/modern farmhouse vibe.

This is one my favourites for modern farmhouse inspiration – build by Strongbuild Homes in NSW. They build beautiful homes.



That would be my ideal colour palette. Light grey cladding, white windows/trims/poles, and a darker grey roof. But not too dark. Perfect.

Farmhouse Build Update 11 : Brickwork


What a sight to come home to!! The brickwork team is huge and we hear that they will be finished in the next day or two. Whoop!

That, up above, is the view of the front on the left / mums end of the house on the right. I can see the brick dado that will have cladding above it. Super excited to see how this feature pops.

Below is a view of the back of the house. Down on ground level, looking up at the house, it’s clear how high our house pad is! That corner of the house is three metres off the ground!!! One the plus side, I can see our fireplace / chimney stack brickwork on the back of the house. Great job guys.