Farmhouse Build Update 19 : Shale Grey Roof

I’ve been avoiding writing about the roof because the entire situation ended up a huge mess. I made a mistake, and now we have to live with it and make the most of it.


I explained in my last post that due to a miscommunication with the builder, the fascia and gutters were added to the house in the original colour scheme. I was told that the cladding was going up before the gutters, and I would have a chance to play with paint colours before choosing a final gutter and roof colour (preferably Windspray)… But this was wrong. The Shale Grey gutters went on, and I felt pressure from every direction (including myself) to leave them on so that the build wasn’t held up further. Add the matching roof in Shale Grey, and disappointment. We had asked the builder to change the roof colour, but we were too late. It had already been ordered and cut.

I couldn’t visit for a while. J went, and his reaction was disappointment. He thought it looked like zincalume in the rain. I had to work up the courage to go, and I went by myself. Funnily enough, mum was also there when I arrived. It was early so there was dew on sections of the roof – so I saw what J meant by a silvery look when the roof was wet. The sun actually played games all over the house. Each section threw a different grey.

The front view. Grey on the right, white on the left…


From this angle below, the roof looks silver!!


And the back view – the roof looks white!


We were scratching our heads all over again about paint colours, but will wait for the cladding to go on before we work out how to fix this.

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