Farmhouse Build Update 16 : Choosing Paint Colours


What a challenge.  We have been dreaming about house colours for years. I’ve ripped out fifty million (exaggeration 😉 magazine pages, and then when I learned about Pinterest? Well you can just imagine. Here’s a link to my “Weatherboard” album on Pinterest if you don’t believe me.

When we were designing the exterior of our home, our builder suggested modelling their WA Country Builders “The Lamont” display home. Here’s a pic:


We fell in love with the design, but thought the colour scheme might be too dark for the much wider facade that we have.

At the time, we thought we wanted a dark roof and light grey weatherboard, which would have meant a light/white render at the bottom to balance the darkness. But J worried that it would dirty easily from the garden and/or dogs rubbing against it etc. So at prestart, we chose Colorbond Windspray for the render (the base of the house – see the lighter shade of brickwork). It’s kind of the mid-range grey in terms of darkness. Above the render will be James Hardie Primeline Weatherboard cladding in the Newport profile. We chose Dulux Lexicon Half as our white with the tiniest tinge of grey. The lighter grey Colorbond Shale Grey was picked for the garage door, and fascia. And Colorbond Surfmist for the roof… Overall the top two-thirds of the house would’ve been light, with a dark base.

BUT, then the builder offered the addition of the James Hardie Axent Trim around the window frames. This threw off the colour scheme for me. The trim sits above the render, so it makes sense that the render and trim be the same colour IMO. But I don’t want dark frames around the windows. There are a lot of windows and we’ve chosen the larger trim width, so it would darken the whole look of the house.

I grabbed some textas from Officeworks in the approximate shades that we were considering. I even got a blue to see how that would look as an alternative to the grey. At the top of the photo is our original colour scheme.


I found this exercise extremely useful, and much cheaper than hiring a colour consultant.

From there we went to Bunnings. We got sample pots of our fave colours and some cheap plywood. The picture below shows off Dulux Baltic on top, Dulux Lexicon Half in the middle, and Dulux (Colorbond) Deep Ocean on the bottom.


We took our sample paint boards to the house to see how the light worked / remind ourselves of the scale etc. And it was a good idea because the whole front of the house is in permanent shade, so the colours looked darker. And in direct sun on the back of the house, they looked lighter!

On the board on the left –> Taubmans Mojo , Dulux / Colorbond Surfmist in the middle, and Dulux / Colorbond Ironstone on the bottom.

And on the board on the right is Dulux Tranquil Retreat at the top, Dulux Lexicon Half in the middle, and Dulux / Colorbond Windspray on the bottom.


The winner?


Light greys of course! I was only slightly worried about the depth in that Windspray, but once Justin laid it on the roof in the sun – it lightened up and looked perfect.

So, we re-evaluated. Thankfully we’ve been discussing landscaping options due to the height of the pad/house, and know that we will need to add a path around the whole house. The west end of the house is THREE metres off the ground, and we’re contemplating coffee rock retaining vs. a grassed hill… Regardless, access will be required at house level, including across the front of the house. A pathway of some sort, which means no gardens/dirt against the render. Woohoo!! This ideally means that we can have a white render surrounding the base of the house. SO, back to my original dream colour scheme we go!!! Hopefully the builder doesn’t fine us for making a colour change to the roof.

I hope to flip the colour scheme to now have Dulux / Colorbond Windspray grey on the roof and gutters. We’ve chosen Dulux Tranquil Retreat for the weatherboard, and the Dulux Lexicon Half will cover the rendered base and window trim. I’m so excited to see the white window trim on the light grey cladding!! Dream come true. Plus I think the darker grey roof will define the house more as a modern farmhouse than a coastal hamptons look.

The fireplace scaffolding is up.


The kitchen is going to look a lot more amazing than this. You can see the fridge alcove, and the doorway into the butlers pantry.


We’re days away from having the roof finished, and hopefully the renderers will start this week!! I can’t wait to see the transformation.



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