Farmhouse Build Update 14 : My Birthday Party


Easily my favourite birthday! I got spoiled!! J and mum took me into the City for a bit of shopping. I finally snagged myself a Kitchenaid (Whoop!!) on sale (double whoop). I’ve been eyeing these off for y e a r s, and convinced hubby that storing it for 6 months would be a great idea / job done / money saver etc. etc.

And check out the colour!! Antique copper, I think that was the name. Found in David Jones. I’m so excited. I’m a bit of a baking enthusiast and have been plodding along with my cheap mixmaster for 10 years. What a gem. But now I get to play with this!! And get attachments (eep!) like an ice cream churner, and J is super-excited about the meat mincer attachment. Oh the magic this baby is going to make… gosh have I gotten side-tracked LOL.

So we picked up the kids after school, grabbed some cupcakes and candles, and flew straight out to the block for my first birthday party at our new house. Well sort of. We laid out a blanket in the kitchen!


The kids decorated the cupcakes with candles, sung me a song, blew out my candles and we at cupcakes in the kitchen. These memories will be treasured, looking back one day.

Snapped a photo of mum standing in front of her alfresco area.




Today was wonderful, but gosh I can’t wait for next year!!

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