Farmhouse Inspiration : Grey Weatherboard

I could browse Pinterest for hours looking at grey weatherboard… and I have!!

Unfortunately I don’t know the original locations of a lot of these images. They are all over Pinterest and can be found in my Weatherboard album here.

These two have quite a coastal vibe, which I think comes from the white/surfmist roof.


And you can see from these images of houses (still grey weatherboard) with darker roofs, I think they have a more country/modern farmhouse vibe.

This is one my favourites for modern farmhouse inspiration – build by Strongbuild Homes in NSW. They build beautiful homes.



That would be my ideal colour palette. Light grey cladding, white windows/trims/poles, and a darker grey roof. But not too dark. Perfect.

One thought on “Farmhouse Inspiration : Grey Weatherboard

  1. I love this post! I am doing the same thing in a very grey England! We are renovating a house and are just at the planning stage. I’ve spent the morning playing around with looks – ratio of render to weatherboard etc. Love your colour choice!


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