Explore WA : Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co is a must visit for families, and well… anyone looking for seriously delicious food and drink. The surrounding area, being Geographe Bay, is easily one of the most stunning areas in all of Australia. The Brewery is a fantastic building, purpose-built for entertaining throughout the whole year. We were lucky enough to find a table outside on the grass (it was packed).


First order of business, a beer paddle!!


Next order of business, food! And it was DELICIOUS!! Pickled octopus, cheese board with pates / relishes / bread / YUM, a katsu chicken board with cheese and bacon dip (OMG). And of course, one of their famous wood-fired pizzas.



The kids had a roll on the grass. Just one of the activities for kids, lol. There were balls and all sorts for the kids to roll up and down the hill. And that sandpit!!

We explored the veggie garden. The design was really interesting with the raised beds and different frames for growing vines. The kids found a tiny pumpkin on the ground. There wasn’t much else to see but perhaps it wasn’t the right time of year. I’m yet to learn about growing veggies, so a bit clueless in that area.

Until next time xx Goodbye from me and my munchkins


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