Farmhouse Inspiration : Visiting Ford House in Bridgetown

Ford House is one of our favourite places in Western Australia to visit. We absolutely love it here and have visited many times over the years. Our love started before we had kids, when we came to stay for a couple of nights in one of their couples retreat rooms. It was like staying in a huge bedroom, complete with kitchenette and spa (a must IMO).

The grounds were a little more rundown than they appear to be this visit – but we’ve never visited at this time of the year. We usually visit in June for my birthday, which might explain the bare look of the gardens. There are quite a few houses on the property that all serve different accommodation purposes for different sized families. The most exquisite of course is the main house/shop/barn. There are various little huts/houses that are full of everything a farmhouse could possibly want to look beautiful! In a nutshell! It was Easter time.


This time round we had the kids and Isla Skye was as goggly eyed as me. Logan, well he just wanted to touch everything so her spend most of the time wandering outside with dad.



Inside the barn is a table. We visited during the day so it was decorated beautifully with shop merchandise. But I remember when we stayed there, we all sat around that table for a home-cooked hot breakfast. It was magical.


There is a permanent display of the most incredible Christmas ornaments. I have collected bits and pieces over the years and they’re all still packed away. I can’t believe that I will finally be able to display them in our house – maybe even this year!!IMG_8031

I was so excited to show Isla Skye this cubby house. Some people might not even know that this hidden little shop exists out in the garden. It is a refurbished cubby house – like duck your head to get in / can’t fit more than 3 people inside kind of cubby house. I had to drag her out of there.


Once again, Ford House you have delighted us and provided us with more gorgeous goodies for our new future farmhouse.

Thanks and see you again soon!!


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