Farmhouse Build Update 3 : Interior Decorating Decisions. Send help!

Pre-start is coming up so now the pressure is on to choose colours for exterior walls, roof, interior cabinets, doors, bench-tops, tiles etc. Let the procrastination begin!!

Just take a look at all of these curtain colour options… I love the idea of double-layer curtains with sheers resting behind heavy linen. The possibilities are endless!!

And I know that curtain colours are not relevant to pre-start, but as an excellent procrastinator I feel the need to have the whole house design/style worked out in my head. It’s possible too, that as an excellent shopper I just can’t help but stop and drool over everything that I have been dreaming about having for years.


Next stop? Solomon’s flooring for inspiration. My favourite are these vinyl planks by Decoria. Hard-wearing, scratch-proof, water-proof, durable and quiet! They are so much quieter to walk on than timber laminate. I’ve also heard many horror stories about timber laminate scratching and swelling. I’m keen to learn more about this vinyl flooring!!


We popped past many a tile place, and felt mostly discouraged by the prices. Isla Skye’s favourite place was this one because it had a water fountain… It was p r i c e y!!


We drooled over farmhouse lighting in Early Settler.


We tested out bath tubs at Caroma.


And finally we visited Subiaco Restoration to browse their fireplaces, mantels, and huge range of interior decor options. It is a treasure trove in there for builders/renovators looking to add a modern Hamptons / Farmhouse flair to their home. We will be back!!

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