Farmhouse Build Update 1 – The Block


The day we found our block.

We had been searching for years. Seriously, years. Before we had our minis, we’d fallen in love with a sweet little coffee-rock cottage in the Perth Hills. We didn’t think it would take long to renovate (sigh) or cost too much (double sigh). We thought we could extend when our babies came along and we’d find happiness there. Imagine pre-baby/naive/wedded-bliss. It was nice for a while.

Then the babies came along… and I could fill a whole different blog with those adventures (good and bad). We realised that this sweet little cottage (yep, still renovating) will never be big enough (kids are sharing a room/family is sharing a bathroom…). The location, on the main road into town, is convenient in many ways – but it is also noisier than any other place we’ve lived in the suburbs.

So we spent occasional days, over the years, driving hours from Perth in every direction to find an area that would be perfect for us. We wanted location, convenience, space, and… peace. And we found it 75kms from Perth CBD.


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